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Thursday, November 28, 2013
10 Guest-Preaching Tips So They Will Invite You Back
Have you ever been invited back as a guest preacher?

Here are some suggestions for you as a preacher that will help church officials extend a return invitation for you to preach there.

Pastoral Care
Rick Warren
18 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Ministry

Rick Warren says this list isn't deeply theological--but it's very practical, usable advice for ministerial leaders.

9:00AM EST 11/26/2013
What should a bewildered wife do if she catches her husband viewing pornography?
Should a Wife Keep Her Husband's Sexual Sin a Secret?

Find out the most loving and respectful thing a wife can do for her husband on behalf of their marriage.

Religious beliefs can help people cope with the stress of cancer better.
Are Believers With Cancer Better Off Than Nonbelievers?

Find out why research strongly suggests individuals with religious and spiritual beliefs cope better during their battle with cancer than those without such beliefs.

9:00AM EST 11/27/2013
3:00PM EST 11/26/2013
Aslan Youth Ministries
Back to Jesus: Small Group Youth Ministry

Are you showing your church's youth that you care more about them acting right or about what is going on in their lives?

3:00PM EST 11/27/2013
Judge Declares Clergy Housing Exclusion Unconstitutional
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