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Thursday, September 26, 2013
10 Diseases That Make Churches Unhealthy
Stomach-pain-smaller In the 1990s, Peter Wagner published The Healthy Church, a book describing several diseases that churches sometimes exhibit. Some of his descriptions are quite helpful (e.g.
Dr. Joe McKeever
What to Say to a Church Bully
(This is the type of article some church people will find objectionable.   I'm fully aware of that and am willing to run the risk of the flack from writing it.  
12:00PM EDT 9/24/2013
Kim Martinez photo
Do You Live Your Theology?
Every once in a while, we have to sit down and balance our checkbook. We take the time to assess what we've spent and how we are doing financially.
David Vigil: The Decapitated Church
When studying church history, some of the most fascinating individuals we meet are the martyrs. These are the untold multitudes who, when given a simple opportunity to deny Christ, found it easier to stand for their faith and die rather than disavow the One who was sacrificed in their stead.
9:00AM EDT 9/24/2013
9:00AM EDT 9/25/2013
Pastor's Heart
Rick Warren: How to Get Through What You're Going Through
In their return to Saddleback Church after the death of their son, Pastor Rick and Kay Warren share the very personal story of Matthew and his battle with mental illness.
12:00PM EDT 9/25/2013
Why Good Ideas Find the Graveyard
In the Line of Fire
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