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Thursday, July 18, 2013
9 Thoughts on Creating Great Partnerships
shaking-hands-church-welcome-small Partnerships are crucial in today's culture. Great organizations seem to always have a strong ability to partner well.
The Dumbest Thing We Pastors Do
We preachers sometimes torture the faithful with our complaints about the unfaithful.

We don't mean to do that. It's just something that happens, usually as a result of our frustration.
4:00PM EDT 7/16/2013
Are You Asking Too Much of Your Ministry Team?
Pastor Jason was frustrated about the level of commitment in general within his congregation. He called me to get some advice, and I think just to vent a little.
3 Things to Help You Receive Criticism Better
One of the best ways to grow is by hearing critiques about yourself from peers and mentors in relationships you trust.
9:00AM EDT 7/16/2013
9:00AM EDT 7/17/2013
Can the Church Respond to Depression?
It's amazing how many Christians are suffering from depression. There are precious people who love the Lord dearly yet find themselves struggling in a day-to-day battle to simply enjoy their lives.
12:00PM EDT 7/17/2013
Can the Church Respond to Depression? How to Give Youth Pastors the TLC They Need
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