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Thursday, July 4, 2013
How Do You Deal With Mental Illness in Church Members?
Stress-overload-small You know the feeling-you see her coming and you want to turn away.

Mary is in your church. Something isn't quite right with her. Sometimes she seems balanced, lucid and smart.
Are You Letting God Be God?
You probably know by now that being a pastor doesn't shield you from disappointments. Sorry for the buzzkill beginning, but that's the truth.
9:00AM EDT 7/3/2013
God's Army Takes the Marriage Battle to the Front
As president of the ministry my dad, Jimmy Evans, founded, I've been serving him for almost a decade.
The Need to Evangelize Remains the Same
In article in a 1972 edition of The Saturday Evening Post, the Rev. Billy Graham was quoted as saying, "The vast majority of American young people are still alienated, uncommitted, and uninvolved.
9:00AM EDT 7/2/2013
4:00PM EDT 7/2/2013
The 12 Biggest Challenges Pastors and Church Staff Face
In my latest non-scientific Twitter survey, I asked the following question of pastors and church staff: What is your biggest challenge in ministry?
4:00PM EDT 7/3/2013
How to Preach For a Specific Response
A Special Invitation to Dr. Mark Rutland's National Institute of Christian Leadership
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