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Thursday, June 13, 2013
Bi-Vocational Pastors: How to Avoid Living on the Edge
Kim Martinez photo After work, we changed clothes in the restroom and then ran through Taco Bell on our way to the church. Life as a bi-vocational pastor is a bit hectic.
Is Too Much Asked of Church Volunteers?
I could write a book. But I won't. If you've been in children's ministry for any amount of time, you've visited this topic.
4:00PM EDT 6/11/2013
Ministry Leadership
3 Essentials for Growing Your Influence
Saul was made king three times! But only after proving himself was he truly embraced as Israel's leader.
4 Reasons Why Churches Don't Have a Strategy for Life Change
Booz & Company just recently completed a study asking leaders about their business strategy. Based on their research, they found that most executives don't believe their company's strategy is understood by their employees and customers.
4:00PM EDT 6/12/2013
12:00PM EDT 6/12/2013
D-MinLead Communication
Kyle Searcy: Enter Into His Rest
I am a proud grandfather of two rambunctious grandkids. Like many grandparents, my wife and I are often amused by their candid innocence.
9:00AM EDT 6/12/2013
How to Master the Youth Ministry Numbers Game
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