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Thursday, April 25, 2013
Ron Phillips: Rebuke the Spirit of Fear
Woman-in-fear After following the news in the wake of last week's terror attack at the Boston Marathon, it is obvious and understandable that emotions in our nation run the gamut.
10 Positive Paradigms in the Church
I recently posted 10 dangerous paradigms in the church. Obviously, there are positive mind-sets in the church also. I've decided to share some from the perception of a pastor.
9:00AM EDT 4/23/2013
The Magic Question: 'What Do You Think?'
Yes, someone needs to eventually make a decision. But if you want to fully engage the people on your team, you have to routinely ask the magic question: "What do you think?"
Give Young Disciples Some Easy Wins
I was at the C3 Church's Sunday service Sunday night at Oxford Falls, a suburb of Sydney, when Australian talk show host Jamie Malcolm exhorted the congregation.
4:00PM EDT 4/23/2013
12:00PM EDT 4/23/2013
5 Steps to Avoiding Communication Meltdowns in Youth Ministry
Our ministry once hosted a "Battle of the Bands" fundraiser that required a lot of work. Our team had to audition bands, price out food, order speakers and recruit volunteers.
12:00PM EDT 4/24/2013
Do You Lean Into Conflict or Step Back from It?
A Sobering Warning for All Christians

Through a vision of an avalanche God gave Steve Hill a wake-up call for Christians everywhere. Heresies and false teachings are becoming a threat to millions.

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