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Thursday, February 14, 2013
Reaching the Unchurched: Speak Their Language
reaching-unchurched-languages Are you praying for insight about how your church can impact the unchurched? I remember thinking: If our church ever becomes popular among the unchurched, we'll sure be able to do lots of good.
Rick Warren: Show You Believe By Belonging
“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” (John 13:35, NLT)

The Bible says a Christian without a church home is like an organ without a body, a sheep without a flock, or a child without a family.
12:00PM EST 2/12/2013
Could Bonnke’s Prophetic Declaration Spark a Great Awakening?
You’ve surely heard the growing body of prophecies declaring the impending judgment of God on America.
Randy Clark: Raising Your Faith Level
Patterns and keys to seeing more of the miraculous

Being in healing ministry, I have witnessed the miraculous regularly and seen thousands touched by God each year.
9:00AM EST 2/13/2013
9:00AM EST 2/12/2013
Repent! You Won’t Let My People Give!
“There he went into a cave and spent the night. And the word of the LORD came to him...” 1 Kings 19:9 (NIV)

These sobering words penetrated my soul one day in prayer.
4:00PM EST 2/12/2013
Pat Boone Donation to Israel Museum Includes Prophetic Twist
Speaking for Tea Party, US Senator Rand Paul Spreads the Blame
Eddie Long Sued by Former Church Members Over Alleged Ponzi Scheme
Bill Allowing 'Guns in Trunks' Advances in Tennessee
Kirk Cameron Tells Students to 'Perform for Audience of One'
R. Lamar Vest Moves to Next Phase of Ministry
'Secret Believers' Fight Spiritual War on Islamic Grounds
North Korean Refugee: Government Preoccupied With Nuclear Tests
'Herod the Great' Show in Israel Angers Palestinians
Christian Bed and Breakfast Punished for 'Discriminating' Against Gays
Pope Asks for Support After Decision to Resign, Says Strength Diminishing
UN Urged to Call on Iran to Free American Pastor
Is It Time for Biblical Conservatives to Throw in the Towel?
The Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI
When Christians Die of Cancer
A Tribute to Richard Twiss: Challenging Us to Justice and Reconciliation
Pope Benedict’s American Fan Club Full of Evangelicals
Are Gay Rights Activists Threatening to Expose Boy Scouts Improprieties?
In Rebuttal to Obama, Rubio Tries to Soften Republicans' Tone
Sen. Rubio's Remarks in Response to Obama's Speech
Obama Urges Congress to Make Government Work for 'the Many'
Obama's State of the Union Speech
US Evangelicals Demonstrate Support for Immigration Reform
Obama Nominates Openly Gay Lawyer for Patent Appeals Court
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