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Standing With Israel
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Friday, August 1, 2014
A Thank You Letter From Hamas to the Media
Palestinian people

The terrorist group Hamas has drawn a great deal of sympathy from the world's media. Here's what Hamas might say in a letter to members of the press.

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Are some groups trying to take Israel out of the Bible completely?
The Subtle Attempt to Take Israel Out of the Bible

While some Replacement theologians would deny rejecting or rewriting Scripture, here are examples of others who are quite blatant about it.

7:00AM EDT 7/29/2014
Could it be possible that these innocent Palestinians' plight might be the fault of their own government?
6 Reasons Innocent Palestinians Are Dying

Who is really to blame for the bloodshed of Palestinian civilians, Israel or Hamas?

Promises of God
Finding Real Hope in the Faithfulness of God

In these times of chaos and doubt, here's why the return of the Jewish people to the land God promised to Abraham is an encouragement to all Believers.

7:00AM EDT 7/30/2014
7:00AM EDT 7/25/2014
Child with gun
Pro-Israel Muslims Join the Fight Against Radical Islam

Here's why former members of Muslim terrorist organizations are teaming with other Arabs to combat radical Islam and the jaded picture the international media is painting of Israel.

7:00AM EDT 7/31/2014
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