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Standing With Israel
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Friday, June 27, 2014
In the Face of Terror, Israel's Faith Remains Steadfast
Israeli teens

The abduction of three teens has had a profound effect on the Israeli nation. Read about how the cowardly act has unified the Jewish state.

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Jews and Christians
A Gift from God: Christian Support for Israel

With nearly 2,000 years of Replacement Theology, the Synagogue and the church have been at odds. In this day and age, here's why some consider Christian Zionists to be miracles.

Experience Israel Through Jewish Eyes
7:00AM EDT 6/26/2014
Fighting in Iraq
Iraq's Christians May Face Extinction After Jihadist Invasion

Like the Jewish community before it, Believers may cease to exist in Iraq if the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has anything to say about it.

Syrian border
Israel Faces Peril on All Fronts, Almost

With incidents in the West Bank, on the Syrian border and at the Gaza Strip, the State of Israel is threatened with danger nearly all around it.

7:00AM EDT 6/23/2014
7:00AM EDT 6/24/2014
Experience Israel Through Jewish Eyes
Israeli parents searching
Redeeming Captives and Saving Lives

Here's how you can give life to Israel and send your support and blessing to the families of the teenage boys who tragically have made the news in recent weeks.

7:00AM EDT 6/25/2014
Jews Unify in Prayer Vigils for Kidnapped Teens
Experience Israel Through Jewish Eyes
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