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Friday, June 20, 2014
An Open Letter to President Obama: Are You Living in Fantasyland?
President Barack Obama

In addressing a group of young people at the White House last week, President Obama declared the world is less violent than it's ever been.' Messiah's Mandate's Ron Cantor has one question for him: Really?

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Israelis at wall
Feldstein: Kidnapping Children a Cause for Celebration?

The abduction of three Israeli teens has set off two quite different reactions. Why are many Palestinians rejoicing during this tragedy?

7:00AM EDT 6/18/2014
Jews marching
Messianic Jews: Presbyterian Church Agenda Anti-Semitic

Read about how the Presbyterian Church's continuing efforts to marginalize Israel have drawn the ire of the Messianic Jewish community.

Did the disciples have it wrong about God's promises to Israel?
Were the Disciples Stupid or Will Jesus Restore Israel?

In God's Kingdom there is no second class. So why is it that many don't believe God will keep His promises to the people who brought His Messiah to the nations—Israel?

7:00AM EDT 6/13/2014
7:00AM EDT 6/17/2014
After seven terms, Jewish Republican Eric Cantor was defeated in his bid for re-election to the United States Congress.
Does Israel Need a Republican in the US Congress?

After long-time U.S. Representative Eric Cantor's recent electoral defeat, who, if anybody, will stand up for Israel in the American legislative body?

7:00AM EDT 6/16/2014
One Gift: Many Ways to Save Lives in Israel
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