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Standing With Israel
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Friday, May 9, 2014
How to Move in The Father's Love for Israel
Flag of Israel

Find out why entering into God's emotions concerning Israel is not for the fainthearted.

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Are American Christians (and Jews) Cursing Israel?

What does it matter if Sarah Silverman, of Jewish heritage, squeaks out a swastika or if anti-Semitism is up or down or if evangelicals offer wholesale support of Israel?

7:00AM EDT 5/6/2014
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas
Obama Mistake: Failing to Recognize False Sincerity in Mahmoud Abbas

Jewish News Service's Ben Cohen asks how could the Obama administration have made such a grave error as to think the Palestinian president actually wants peace with Israel?

Benjamin Netanyahu
Eliminate Israel: Hamas and Palestinian Authority Have Similar Objectives

Hamas as a peace partner? The PA recognizing the Holocaust as a tragedy? Find out why Israelis have a hard time believing either.

7:00AM EDT 5/2/2014
7:00AM EDT 5/5/2014
Volunteers at the 2013 Memphis Friends of Israel Festival
Israel: With Friends Like These

Memphis, Tennessee, isn't exactly a Jewish mecca, but find out why the city has become Jewish-friendly and how you can join the celebration.

7:00AM EDT 5/8/2014
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