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Standing With Israel
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Friday, April 25, 2014
Reality: Yeshua Rose From the Dead on a Jewish Holiday
Jesus' resurrection

Discover the importance of the Jewish Feast of Firstfruits and why it should matter to Believers.

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The Ezekiel Generation
A Prophetic Call for the End-Time Church (Part 2)

Will Christian believers embrace the honor to be the vessel of God's power and mercy to awaken the Jewish people to faith? Will you?

7:00AM EDT 4/21/2014
Israeli military
Why Israel Wants More Christians in Its Military
The question of "should Christians fight in the military" is amping up to a whole new level in Israel as the government calls Christians to enlist for Zion.
The region referred to by the media as the West Bank has been fraught with violence for many years.
Occupied Territories: 'Come to Israel and See for Yourself'

While people indeed have their own views and ideals concerning the West Bank, Israeli and Orthodox Jew Jonathan Feldstein challenges them to come to Israel and form their opinions after experiencing the situation up close. 

7:00AM EDT 4/24/2014
7:00AM EDT 4/23/2014
Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett: 'Israel Won't Negotiate With a Gun to Its Head'

As Israel and Palestine regather for negotiations after Passover, find out what Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority are saying and doing now to provoke the ire of the Israeli government.

7:00AM EDT 4/22/2014
The Harbinger Decoded. Powerful and Captivating documentary
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