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Standing With Israel
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Friday, April 4, 2014
Nearly Martyred Pastor Umar Mulinde Says Farewell to Israel
Ron Cantor (left) and pastor Umar Mulinde

At a time when many evangelicals are turning against Israel, Umar Mulinde is a pastor who nearly died for his support of Israel. Read about his recovery saga.

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Israel enemies
BDS: What Does It Really Stand For?

Israeli Jonathan Feldstein wants to know: Is it "boycotting, divestment and sanctions," or is it "bald-faced lies, deception and slander"?

7:00AM EDT 3/28/2014
Palestinian students
Palestinian Textbooks Demonize Israel, Study Shows

A recent investigation found that 150 new Palestinian Authority textbooks delegitimize and demonize Israel as well as call for violence against Jews. Find out exactly what they say.

Israeli citizens
Goodwill Ambassadors or Ugly Israelis?

If its citizens dishonor Israel in the way they act abroad, doesn't that simply worsen the world's opinion of Israelis?

7:00AM EDT 4/3/2014
7:00AM EDT 3/31/2014
Blood donors
The Redemptive and Unifying Power of Blood in Israel

Find out how Christians are making a difference in Israel by showing their love and support through the Heart to Heart blood donor program.

7:00AM EDT 4/2/2014
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