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Standing With Israel
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Friday, March 21, 2014
Opinion on Israel: I'd Rather Be Righteous Than Cool
Friends of Israel

While it may be trendy to oppose Israel's existence, aren't those who are advancing replacement theology calling God a promise breaker?

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How You Can Help Prevent the US From Giving Jewish Property Back to Iraq

Find out what Jewish artifacts will be handed back to the Iraqi government and what you can do to help prevent it.

7:00AM EDT 3/19/2014
Miss Israel 2013, Yitiyish Aynaw
Opinion: The Truth About Israel?

Israel has been described as a "rose among thorns" in a tumultuous region. Find out why it is a much better place to live and visit than the media portrays.

Israeli tank
Israel Under Deluge on Two Fronts

While Israelis face the threat of terrorist rocket fire from Gaza, they are also being attacked in a more subtle arena.

7:00AM EDT 3/17/2014
7:00AM EDT 3/14/2014
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Giving blood
Israelis: A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

This past week, Good Deed Day showed why Israelis have a heart for benevolence.

7:00AM EDT 3/20/2014
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