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Friday, November 29, 2013
Hanukkah: The Miracle of Light

In every Jewish holiday we can see the character of God's love and light for mankind--and nowhere clearer than through the Hanukkah celebration can we see the light of the world.

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Israeli and US flags
Possibility of Less Sanctions Has Iran Spinning Out of Control

Israelis are finding it very hard to feel much comfort against the threat of Iran becoming a nuclear state from a U.S. administration that seems confused, at best. Find out what you can personally do to stifle the threat of nuclear war.

10:00AM EST 11/22/2013
Nadaf Bibi
Arab Christians Lobby to Join the Israel Defense Forces

The publicly expressed desire to be drafted into the Israel Defense Forces is new among Christian Arabs. Find out why it has worried Arab nationalists and Communists.

Steve Strang in Israel
My Visit Reminds Me That Christians Must Pray for and Support Israel

Visiting Israel never gets old, even for Steve Strang, who has made multiple excursions to the Holy Land. Find out what exciting things are happening in Israel right now.

1:00PM EST 11/26/2013
12:00PM EST 11/25/2013
Barack Obama
The Iranian Deal: What Happens Next?

With both world leaders and Iran claiming victory, who really came out on top in the deal that was said to curb Iran's nuclear program?

1:00PM EST 11/28/2013
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