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Standing With Israel
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Friday, September 27, 2013
Israeli Minister: No Time Left for Negotiations With Iran
Iranian workers stand in front of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, about 1,200 km (746 miles) south of Tehran.

While Iran continues to claim it is developing its atomic program with only peaceful aims, the Israeli government isn't buying it.

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Ron Cantor
Who Are the Televangelists Abusing the 'Day of Atonement'?

After receiving a strong response to an original article, Ron Cantor felt the need for a follow-up. Find out what else he has to say about some televangelists and their treatment of the sacred Jewish holiday Yom Kippur.

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10:00AM EDT 9/24/2013
Nairobi Mall
Israelis Aid Kenyan Rescue Efforts After Nairobi Mall Attack

Israeli advisers helped to negotiate with terrorists to end the siege. See who else was involved.

U.S. President Barack Obama
Dr. Haim Shine: Obama Failed, and Israel Gets Stuck With the Bill

Now that the U.S. has retreated from its threats, will Israel ultimately pay the price? Find out what many Israelis are fearing in the immediate future.

10:00AM EDT 9/23/2013
10:00AM EDT 9/25/2013
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Obama and Rouhani
Israel: Iranian President's Charm Offensive a 'Charade'

Israeli officials are lamenting the notion that countries such as the United States are being deceived by Iranian President Hasan Rouhani's recent diplomacy.

9:00AM EDT 9/26/2013
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