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Standing With Israel
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Friday, July 19, 2013
Israeli Church Turns Curse Into Blessing

Read about how fasting and prayer led to the shut-down of a pair of pornographic shops near Wayne and Ann Hilsden's Messianic church in Jerusalem.

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Bringing a Blessing From the Land of Israel

A revelation from the Lord led Ron Cantor to bring Israel and the gospel to the United States.

10:00AM EDT 7/18/2013
Netanyahu Preparing Public for Possible War With Iran

Author Joel C. Rosenberg says the prelude to Israel's showdown with Iran is at its critical stage. Find out what Rosenberg says Israel's prime minister is doing to get his nation ready.

Jews From Muslim Lands: The Forgotten Refugees of 1948

Read about the struggles of this sect of people, why their existence isn't so readily recognized and why this wrong should be corrected.

10:00AM EDT 7/17/2013
10:00AM EDT 7/12/2013
Coming Face to Face With Israel's History

Find out why Zippy Porath is a living Israeli national treasure.

10:00AM EDT 7/16/2013
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