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Standing With Israel
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Friday, June 14, 2013
Superman's Mom Is an Israeli?

Read why Maoz Israel's Chaim Goldberg says this alone will keep the "BDSers" away from the theater for the new Man of Steel movie.

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Jerusalem: A City of Heartaches and Dreams

Discover why life in Jerusalem is an ongoing love affair of ups and downs and of struggles and triumphs.

12:00PM EDT 6/13/2013
Netanyahu: Iran's Elections Won't Change Anything

Find out what the Israeli prime minister said while in Poland about Iran's quest to repeat the Holocaust.

The 5 Big 'Alls' of God's Word

Read the great news the Bible says about the promised revival of his people in Israel.

9:00AM EDT 6/13/2013
4:00PM EDT 6/12/2013
Syrian Tremors Boiling Under the Surface for Israel

Read some of the reasons why Israeli citizens might need to be a little bit more leery about the Syrian civil war than they appear to be.

12:00PM EDT 6/12/2013
Western Wall Tradition Takes a Back Seat in the Name of 'Peace' Messianic Jewish Church Looks to Future With Hope
David Rubin: The Arab Spring Dilemma Netanyahu: Israel Does Not Want a Bi-National State
Why LGBT Safety in the Middle East Exists Only in Israel Eternal Connection: Jewish People and the Temple Mount
A Sobering Warning for All Christians

Through a vision of an avalanche God gave Steve Hill a wake-up call for Christians everywhere. Heresies and false teachings are becoming a threat to millions.

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