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Standing With Israel
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Friday, May 10, 2013
Why Jerusalem Must Remain United

United With Israel's Rachel Avraham suggests that many political leaders fail to grasp that the division of Jerusalem would be contrary to the security and sovereignty of the state of Israel.

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Who Are Those Israeli Settlers?

Find out why author David Rubin says it's treasonous to even think about giving up the West Bank to a Palestinian Authority comprised of terrorists.

12:00PM EDT 5/9/2013
Israel Blows Lid Off Proposed Russian Arms Sale to Syria

Discover what weapons Russia is planning to sell that would greatly advance Syria's air defenses and what, if anything, the U.S. is doing about it.

Imagine a Boston Bombing Every Week

The Boston Marathon bombing was indeed a tragedy. But consider what the Israeli people endure on a daily basis.

9:00AM EDT 5/9/2013
4:00PM EDT 5/8/2013
Chaim Goldberg: Hungarian Group Would Have Made Hitler Proud

The Jobbik party has flaunted its anti-Semitism in a country where hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed during the Holocaust.

12:00PM EDT 5/8/2013
Israelis Celebrate 46th Jerusalem Day Lone Soldiers Earn Countrymen's Love and Respect
America Should Embrace Added Security Reports: Netanyahu Quietly Curbs Settlement Expansion
What Did Paul Mean by 'Making Israel Envious'? Obama: 'Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself Against Hezbollah Threats'
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