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Friday, February 1, 2013
Hagel Record on Israel: ‘Cause for Concern’
The House Armed Services Committee will be the stage for a tough battle on Thursday, when it is scheduled to hold a confirmation hearing for Chuck Hagel, U.S. read more
Internet Golden Rule: 7 Ways To Be ‘More Like Jesus’ Online
I have been amazed at what people who love Jesus can write about other people who love Jesus online. I am referring to comments that believers leave on blogs and Facebook postings.
12:00PM EST 1/31/2013
Gentile Gesture Profoundly Changed Jewish Boy's Life
Boys in love do crazy things. Some get tattoos. Some spend all their money trying to woo the object of their affections. Others, like me, get suckered into receiving Bibles.
Sue Ten Eyck: For Zion’s Sake
As leaders with a passion to be a part of God’s kingdom coming here on earth as it is in heaven, it is vital that we see the kingdom of God that is  within us  (Luke 17:21) coming as well.
9:00AM EST 1/31/2013
4:00PM EST 1/30/2013
Egyptian Aide Slams Holocaust as Hoax
“The myth of the Holocaust is an industry that America invented,” said Fathi Shihab-Eddim, a senior figure close to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi responsible for appointing the editors of all state-run newspapers.
12:00PM EST 1/30/2013
Billy Wilson Discusses New Role as ORU President
ORU Names Billy Wilson as Fourth President
Missouri Playground Scrap Tire Program Turns Down Christian Preschool
Super Bowl Puts Human Trafficking Awareness Groups on High Alert
Private Missions Restoring Hope to NYC's Homeless
Girl Who Performed at Inauguration Killed in Chicago Shooting
Crisis in Syria Creates Openness to Jesus
China Cuts Visitation Rights of Imprisoned Christian House-Church Leader
First Black South African Billionaire Donates Fortune to Poor
Healed: Blind African Man Receives Sight, Becomes Bible Translator
Samaritan's Purse Sends Emergency Relief to Mozambique
Egyptian Aide Slams Holocaust as Hoax
Does God Care About the Super Bowl?
David Lamb: Is God Really ‘Angry, Sexist and Racist’?
Boy Scouts: Social Justice Demands Protection of Children
6 Gender Myths in the Church
Hardness of Heart and the Celebration of Abortion
Will the Gay Agenda Destroy the Boy Scouts?
Kerry Likely to Move Cautiously on Middle East Peace
Giffords Seeks 'Bold' Action As Congress Takes Up Gun Control
Arkansas Senate OKs Guns in Churches
Evangelical Leaders Sound Off on Immigration Reform
Lawyers in US Gay Marriage Cases Aim Pitches at Obama
NM Bill Would Label Abortion After Rape 'Evidence Tampering’
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