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Marcus Yoars
Editor, Charisma
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012
A South Korean Rapper, Forgiveness and Restitution

The popular "Gangnam Style" rapper has been invited to the White House Christmas party, despite a 2004 song that wished for the death and torture of American troops in Iraq. Should the White House have canceled?

Los Angeles Revival Spreads to Azusa Street

Verna Linzey, a “daughter” of the Azusa Street Revival, continues leading revival services at Azusa Street in Los Angeles. Revival has caught the city on fire and is now spreading.

11:32AM EST 12/10/2012
Why Revival Is Exploding Among Muslims

Thousands of Muslims are converting to Christianity after reportedly encountering Jesus in dreams or visions. Find out why this global phenomenon is happening.

Holy Spirit Moves at Brownsville Revival Reunion

Take a look at these photos Brownsville Revival's Steve Hill sent us from the Revival Reunion, featuring Hill, Nathan Morris of the current Bay Revival and pastor John Kilpatrick, host of both spiritual outpourings.

2:00PM EST 12/10/2012
4:03PM EST 12/10/2012
Man Shoots Woman, Himself Outside Miami Church

A gunman in Miami opened fire in a church parking lot as members walked to their cars after Sunday morning service.

3:00PM EST 12/10/2012
Strange Prayer Issue Finds Audience With US Supreme Court
Jihad Jane: A Vow Is Confirmed, a Jihad Grows
Supreme Court Has Already Defined Marriage As Union Between Man and Woman
German Church: Most Sex Abuser Priests Psychologically Normal
Will Supreme Court Undermine Traditional Marriage?
Casting Crowns Nabs Three Grammy Nominations
China's House Churches Continue Growing in Face of Persecution
Vatican Sets Up Safe Haven for Anglican Converts to Catholicism
America Repeats Habit of Blatantly Rewarding Lawlessness Founder Gives God Glory for Online Ministry
Food Cards Aid Needy Families in Israel
Is the End Near? Wycliffe Reports 2,000-Plus Bible Translation Projects Underway
First Marijuana, Now Ecstasy? Illegal Drugs Are Not the Cure for PTSD
When Casting Out Devils Brings Retaliation
Joel Rosenberg Echoes Fears of Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons
Harvard’s ‘Kinky’ Sex Club Invites Jezebel Spirit's Sexual Immorality
Will Conservative Values Matter on Judgment Day?
Murder, Suicide, and the NFL Plays On
Sen. Jim DeMint Resigns to Run Conservative Group
White House, Congress Talk as 'Fiscal Cliff' Nears
Rick Warren: Obamacare Mandate 'Dead Wrong'
Obama, Romney to Meet at White House Thursday
Can Hillary Clinton Bring Peace to the Middle East?
Romney: Obama Won With 'Gifts' to Certain Voters
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