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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
7 Keys to Breaking the Bondage of Pornography
porn on hook

Over 50 percent of men in the church struggle with porn. Here are some tips from a church leader who broke the hold of porn on his life and the role his wife played in that freedom.

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women arguing
How We Give Satan a Foothold in our Friendships

Even the best friends can go from zero to ridiculous in 10 seconds flat. Find out how to avoid the enemy's relationship snare.

11:00AM EDT 6/13/2014
Teresa Shields Parker before and after
God's Key to Breaking Your Addiction to Food

Teresa-Shields Parker lost over 250 pounds when God told her to do one thing.

woman in pain
7 Ways to Step Into the Healing Power of God
Most Christians believe in healing but don't experience the resurrection power of Christ. If you've been struggling with sickness or you've learned to tolerate symptoms, here's how to receive the life of Christ now.
1:00PM EDT 6/16/2014
6:00PM EDT 6/13/2014
couch with demons
3 Ways Religion Destroys the Work of Christ

Here's how your religion could be driving people away instead of attracting them to Christ.

1:00PM EDT 6/13/2014
Can Women be Elders in the Church or Not? Not Just Another Forgiveness Teaching
Thinking About Cosmetic Surgery? Try These 6 Things First The Key to Finding God's Purpose For Your Life
Teaching Your Kids to Discern Holy Ghost Wisdom What a Girl With Daddy Issues Discovered About God
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