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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
How Women Can Make Church a Safe Place for Men
two women

Here's how women can make church a place for men to focus on God. Alone.

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woman with mouth taped shut
2 Signs of Abusive Church Authority

Does your church authority demand submission? Here are some red flags that your church may be going beyond the boundaries of biblical authority

Mom's Night Out - In theaters May 9
6:00PM EDT 4/28/2014
Darcy Lagana
How God Got a Tomboy to Embrace Her Femininity

She was a tomboy who resisted the idea of embracing her femininity. Then God showed why He made her into a girl instead of a boy.

Designer Clothes for the Woman of God

Did you know that God has designed a high-end luxury wardrobe for you? Here's how to enjoy the clothes He has created for you.

6:00PM EDT 4/25/2014
11:00AM EDT 4/23/2014
Mom's Night Out - In theaters May 9
woman reading the Bible
When Man-Made Traditions in the Church Keep People Out

Adherence to rigid traditions may win us points with people, but God has called us to a higher law: love.

11:00AM EDT 4/25/2014
How God Sent a Divine Airport Connection 4 Reminders From the Story of Ruth and Naomi That Every Woman Needs to Know
Find Your Treasure in God's Word 2 Keys to a Successful Career
When You Want to Run Away How Christians Should Respond to Kids With Mental Health Issues
Mom's Night Out - In theaters May 9
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