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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Passover, Good Friday and the First Blood Moon
red moon

Find out how Passover, Good Friday and the first blood red moon may be connected.

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Jesus and the Cross
5 Life-Changing Truths You Should Know About the Resurrection

The foundation of our faith, the Resurrection, is under attack. Here's a reminder of the revolution that the resurrection of Jesus brought to the earth.

4:00PM EDT 4/16/2014
two women arguing or fighting
Why Do Women Dislike Each Other So Much?

Here's some insight from Lisa Bevere on the roots of division between women.

woman reaching out to Jesus
Why a Demonized Woman Cried 'Jesus Is the Victor!'

A teenager girl turned a pastor's life upside down. Here's how God delivered a young girl from darkness. 

1:00PM EDT 4/21/2014
11:00AM EDT 4/17/2014
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5 Benefits (and 1 Problem) of Reading the Bible

Here's a fresh reminder on how you can benefit from spending time in God's Word.

4:00PM EDT 4/17/2014
7 Reasons Why Self-Pity Is a Sin Are You Easy Prey for the Enemy?
How God Sees Your Tears Resist the Crave
Is It Time to Give Up? Words That Pack Power
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