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Wednesday, April 9, 2014
The Group Forgotten by the Church
kid with special needs

Over 80 percent of this group doesn't go to church even though they would like to. Here's why they are staying away.

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woman speaking
God Wants to Speak Through You

Evangelism takes on a new prophetic power when we pause a moment and ask God what He has to say to the people we meet.


4:00PM EDT 4/4/2014
financial disaster
6 Keys to Bouncing Back From a Financial Crisis

These 6 keys helped a business owner get out of $300,000 in debt and set her financial future.

depressed woman
5 Ways to Work With God Through Your Miscarriage

This mom had six miscarriages. After the third miscarriage, she had a nervous breakdown. Here's how God intervened.

4:00PM EDT 4/2/2014
2:00PM EDT 4/7/2014
woman putting on makeup
Makeup Won't Send You to Hell

There are some Christians who believe you shouldn't wear makeup. But there are some issues beyond appearance that Christians should be concerned about.

11:00AM EDT 4/2/2014
When Your Husband is Spiritually Clueless 9 Ways to Make Time for God
When You Feel Like Quitting the Ministry How to Respond to People Who Drive You Crazy
The Power of Your Weakness 5 Ways You Can Use Easter to Evangelize
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