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Wednesday, March 19, 2014
The Other Side of Grief
woman crying

The church can be the last place you want to be when you're mourning. Here's how you can help a friend who is grieving or how God can step into your mourning.

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teenage boy girls
5 Keys to Help Your Teenager Love God

Here's how to help your teenager grow in their faith during those turbulent years.

11:00AM EDT 3/17/2014
mad couple
Showing God's Love When You're Mad at Your Ex

You've heard the Bible verses about divorce and you didn't want to get a divorce. Yet, here you are with an ex. How do you show God's heart towards someone who hurt you?

woman with freedom
Make God's Presence Your Everyday Getaway
Is God's presence an occasional experience in church? Here's how to experience His presence every day.
4:00PM EDT 3/17/2014
2:00PM EDT 3/17/2014
woman in leadership
Feminine vs Feminist Christian Leader

Do you have a stereotype of women in leadership? Here's some insight to help break expectations defined by culture.

11:00AM EDT 3/14/2014
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