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Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Why a Man Gives a Woman His Heart
man holding heart

If you want your husband or significant other to give you his heart, here's something only you can give him.

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mom with kids
How Parents Influence Your View of God

Many Christians never experience the wholeness and freedom God has for them beyond their initial conversion.

11:00AM EST 11/20/2013
woman holding white flag
How God Acts When You Surrender

If we desire God's blessing, we must be willing to pay the price: unconditional surrender of all into His hands.

sad woman on railroad track
The Dangers of Self-Pity

Do you struggle with feeling sorry for yourself? Your circumstances may justify your self-pity, but God has a way out for you. 

4:00PM EST 11/20/2013
11:00AM EST 11/25/2013
woman fighter
The Value of the Long-Term Struggle

Do you ever wonder why doesn't God stop the struggle you're in? Wendy Alsup asked God that question. Here's what God showed her.

2:00PM EST 11/20/2013
Moms: God Is Proud of You When Darkness Hides His Face, the Sun Is About to Rise
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Teaching Your Kids Wisdom 7 Ways to Fight Midlife Pain
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