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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Break the Pattern of Unanswered Prayer
praying woman
Have you ever gotten discouraged or frustrated by the apparent lack of results when you pray? Here's how to break that cycle of prayers that get nowhere.
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woman climbing mountain
4 Keys to How God Brings Transition

No matter what kind of transition you are involved in presently, stepping into your new season takes time, patience and preparation.

My Hope America
9:00AM EDT 9/16/2013
Joel Wells
A 9/11 Reminder to Pray

Today, in remembrance of 9/11, remember to pray for the young men and women who survived the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are the walking wounded among us.

couple on a date
4 Things You Can Do as a Dating Couple to Live On Mission

Instead of dating being a self-centered pursuit, you can glorify God. Here's how dating can be a mission for His purposes.

11:18AM EDT 9/11/2013
11:53AM EDT 9/13/2013
My Hope America
girl reading a letter
A Letter to the Daughter I Don't Have

Young women are under a lot of pressure to dress provocatively as they are exploited by media. Here's a letter you can share with your daughter.

1:30PM EDT 9/12/2013
Preach It, Sister! Why Faith Is Necessary for a Move of God in Your Life
Ruth's Reckless Abandon Fitness Challenge: Stand Up Straight, Bow Low Before God
Finding God's Love When Life Is Falling Apart Moms, Don't Quit
TV Special
What happened when three bold believers joined BGEA’s My Hope outreach in Thailand? Tune in to this month’s Billy Graham Television Special and see how God blessed their decision to put everything on the line. You’ll also find out how thousands of people like you are preparing to launch My Hope here in America—and how you can still get involved.

My Hope America

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