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Wednesday, August 28, 2013
The Marvelous Work of the Holy Spirit in You
woman jumping in field of flowers

Have you settled for only a small part of the Holy Spirit? It's time to acknowledge who He really is and His divine purpose in your life.

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woman looking up holding Bible
How to Handle a Prophetic Word

You don't have to play the psychic just because you have a prophetic gift. Encourage others to hear God for themselves.

Becoming Myself
9:00AM EDT 8/21/2013
woman worshipping
4 Keys to Deep Worship

In order to experience worship in spirit and truth, we must surrender our hearts completely to the lordship of Christ.

African American couple
6 Ways to Adore Your Husband

Who doesn't like to be adored? Invest in your marriage by adoring your husband with these six steps.

8:00AM EDT 8/26/2013
8:36AM EDT 8/22/2013
Becoming Myself
Singles: What Kind of Husband Are You Praying For?

What's on your list for your husband? Is it shallow, or do you want someone with spiritual depth?

11:33AM EDT 8/21/2013
What Brokenness Releases in Your Life Finding the Only Perfect Love
Learning That God Alone Is Enough What a Special Needs Child Taught Me About the Fruit of the Spirit
C.S. Lewis on the Higher Place of Faith When Other People's Choices Hurt You
Discover a life of freedom and transformation
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Becoming Myself - A hope-filled intimate book for any woman...
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