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Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Is Lack of Self-Control Driving You to Eat?

Does the sight of a delicious pastry weaken your resolve to eat healthy? Struggling with your diet? Dr. Kara Davis reveals the key to freedom from overeating. 

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3 Spiritual Robbers That Steal From You

If you can't move forward in your walk with God, you may be dealing with one of these three robbers in your life.

3:00PM EDT 7/11/2013
From a Life of Bedridden Sickness to a Healing Ministry

When circumstances are the most challenging, a fresh encounter with God's Spirit can be the prelude to a miracle.

Worshipping When Life Hurts

We don't have to be great singers to worship God; we just have to give ourselves totally to Him.

2:30PM EDT 7/12/2013
10:00AM EDT 7/15/2013
Become a Threat to the Enemy

What does worshipping have to do with becoming a person of spiritual power? Everything. That's why worshipping women are a threat to the enemy.

7:00AM EDT 7/11/2013
5 Keys to Discovering God's Calling at Your Job Take Authority in Your Day of Trouble
Dream Job: Caroline Barnett Balances Work, Family and a High-Profile Ministry Responding to the Spirit of Rejection
Break the Darkness of Depression 6 Keys to Looking Younger
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