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Wednesday, June 12, 2013
How to Tell If Your Dream Is Really From God

Dreamers who mistake their own subconscious thoughts or even demonic influence as divine instruction can make grim and historic mistakes. So how can you discern whether a dream is from God?

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Find Your Destiny in God Through Prayer

There's only one way to fulfill all of your destiny--to tap into the power of God through prayer.

8:00AM EDT 6/11/2013
When Obeying God Is Risky

Is God speaking to you right now and you're too scared to step out because of past failure? Brenda J. Davis offers encouragement on how she dealt with this kind of spiritual paralysis.

Where's the Love of God in Your Speaking?

Has anyone ever told you something in the name of God that really hurt you? 

8:00AM EDT 6/6/2013
3:10PM EDT 6/10/2013
Stop Trying to be a Good Christian and Lean Into God's Strength

Tired from trying to live the Christian life in your own strength? Author and pastor's wife Christy Fitzwater knows your struggle.

12:00PM EDT 6/10/2013
Frustrated With Your Teenagers? Do I Have to Show My Ex-Husband God's Love?
How God Desires to Know You God Created the World With Words But Formed You by Hand
When Your Family Doesn't Understand Your Love for God A Lesson About God's Love From a Child
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