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Wednesday, April 24, 2013
How to Bear the Fruit of the Spirit

How do we become productive in the work of God? The late Dr. Fuchsia Pickett shares how we can be fruitful for the cause of Christ.

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When Your Son Wants to Talk About Dating

Gina McClain received a text that her son had something he wanted to talk to her and his dad about. Here's how that conversation got launched.

8:57AM EDT 4/23/2013
God's Way Works

The longer we walk with the Lord, the more adept we become at knowing His voice and obeying Him.

Did God Really Say That?

If you've ever wondered whether or not you were listening to God, here are some ways you can learn to distinguish His voice from all the others.

3:00PM EDT 4/19/2013
9:00AM EDT 4/19/2013
Learning to Love Him

What does it take to love God with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength, as the Scriptures command?

3:00PM EDT 4/18/2013
Finding Your Place as a Woman of Influence 5 Things Your Friends in Crisis Wish You Knew
Spring-Clean Your Priorities for God's Glory Taking the Mountain Climb of Faith
Scriptures to Speak to Your Kids That Fight Fear Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?
The Code of the Holy Spirit by Perry Stone

When a rabbi in Jerusalem told Perry Stone that, according to Jewish tradition, speaking in tongues was something the high priest did in the holy of holies, his heart set out on a journey to learn more.

Order today and rethink what you know about the Holy Spirit.

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A New Look at the Holy Spirit Through the Lens of the Old Testament
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