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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
How God Used Two Girls to Preach to Muslims in Africa
Before we arrived in the african village, God had prepared the people's hearts to know him. Even so, I wondered why he would entrust his message to me. read more
How to Raise Kids that Love to Worship
Recently I watched my 14-year-old son Alex Haywood help lead his youth group in worship as part of the REVO band.
12:00PM EST 1/22/2013
Four Keys to God's Intervention in a Difficult Marriage
The biblical Abigail had a tense relationship with her husband, but she practiced grace and wisdom, and transformed her situation.
Break Into Your Season of God Fulfilling His Promises
God created each one of us for His glory. Therefore, you can move from a place of desolation into prophetic fulfillment of His destiny for you.
9:00AM EST 1/22/2013
4:00PM EST 1/21/2013
Discover Your Authority in Christ
In God’s Kingdom, women are free to move in His authority to bring about His will upon the earth.

I love the gift the Lord has given to the world in His creation called woman.
12:00PM EST 1/21/2013
Mark Driscoll Questions Obama's Faith on Inauguration Day
How to Pray to End Abortion
McDonald's Pays $700,000 in Islamic Food Settlement
Pastor and Author Sam Hinn Steps Down From Pulpit
Pro-Life Initiative Launches on Roe v. Wade 40th Anniversary
Borrowing for Baby-Killing: Pro-Life Group Slams Boehner on Roe Anniversary
Netanyahu Claims Israeli Election Win Despite Losses
Report: China Considering Relaxing One-Child Policy
Israel Goes to the Polls, Set to Re-elect Netanyahu
Iran: American Pastor Tried to Turn Children Against Islam
After Abuse Scandal, Pope Appoints New Head of Irish Church
Thousands of Irish Attend Anti-Abortion Protest
My Response to Your Inaugural Speech, Mr. President
Lessons From the Lance Armstrong Fiasco
Star Parker: America Is Battling Desensitization 40 Years After Roe v. Wade
Why God Is Moving in Other Nations But Not in America
Franklin Graham: The Light of the Gospel in Dark Days
What Africans Prayed Last Week for America
Obama Lauds Progress on Gay Civil Rights in Inaugural Address
Obama Looks to 'Finish What We Started' As Second Term Begins
Gay-Affirming Episcopal Pastor to Replace Giglio at Inauguration
Obama Unveils Biggest Gun-Control Push in Decades
Obama's Alleged Netanyahu Criticism Enlivens Israeli Election
Myrlie Evers-Williams: Inauguration Timing Is a 'Miracle'
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