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Monday, February 21, 2011


By Brenda J. Davis

Storms have always been highly symbolic to me. I never understood why until I rediscovered a verse in Psalms that reads, “He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed” (107:29, NIV).

What prompted my thinking about stormy weather was an article by Cheri Fuller that we published in SpiritLed Woman titled, “Praise Him in the Storm.” It points out that there is never a good reason for us to withhold our praises to the Lord.

I can recall growing up in Florida when Hurricane Donna, a particularly damaging storm, tore through our city, leaving an almost indelible mark. For my sister Bridget and me, the experience was both fascinating and great fun—at first. We thought all the sounds outside our house were “neat.”

My mother had baked cakes before the power went out. We played games, told scary stories and stayed up late to “watch the hurricane.”

We loved the eerie glow of the kerosene lamps. And we imagined that things must have been like this back when our parents were children in the “olden days.”

Finally, we got to bed. Through the night we were only faintly aware of what was happening around us. But when we awoke, we discovered that we had been saved from a very real danger. All the while my sister and I had been blissfully enjoying the excitement or sleeping away, a furious storm had been raging outside.

Our yard was strewn with huge tree limbs and chunks of debris that had been peeled off our neighbors’ roofs. Oaks that had stood for a century had been uprooted and tossed aside. Slowly, I started thinking differently about this experience and realized how grateful we should be that the Lord had protected us.

Natural storms remind me of God’s sovereign protection. They help me remember that He rules over every circumstance and stills the storms of life after they’ve served His purposes.

I’d like to say that I still face life’s storms with the same kind of abandon I had as a child. But I know a lot more now, and with knowledge has come the temptation to fear what’s ahead. So, during rough times I try to look back and recall how faithful God has been to me through all kinds of tumultuous situations.

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This week thank God that He has helped you through the storms of your life, and that He is able to see you through anything that may come your way. Praise Him in the midst of your current challenges and come boldly to His throne with your requests and concerns for the future. Continue to pray for the situation in the Middle East and pray for God’s purpose to be fulfilled there. Pray that God’s people would pray in one accord for revival and the expansion of His kingdom around the world. Pray that our leaders would turn to the Lord for wisdom and strategies to solve our nation’s foreign, domestic and economic problems. Remember our military and their families. Psalm 107:29; Heb. 4:16; James 1:5

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