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Monday, July 15, 2013
What's Causing the Drought of Spiritual Gifts?
After many years of full-time evangelism and meeting tens of thousands of people from 10 major denominations, I have pinpointed the main reasons why there is a shortage or a drought of spiritual rain and spiritual manifestations in many churches.

Any spiritual gift must operate through a human vessel; it does not supernaturally float through the atmosphere in some mystical type of fog. The need for a human vessel brings me to the first common reason for lack of gifts: They have been neglected by the vessels (people) themselves.

The gifts can be neglected. In Greek the word for neglect means to be careless, make light of, or have no regard for. We will neglect what is not important to us. Just as a muscle on the body that is never used will, if neglected, eventually cease to do what it was created for, then spiritual gifts can be neglected and thus deactivated. The danger is that something can be neglected for so long that eventually you will not miss it. To prevent being neglected, the gifts must be "stirred up" (see 2 Tim. 1:6-7).

To stir up is to rekindle a fire with the remaining embers. All it takes are a few burning embers and some fuel to cause flames to leap again and burn brightly. If people neglect spiritual gifts and allow the flames of zeal and desire to die, then there will be a dearth in the operation of gifts. God works through people, which leads to the second reason gifts have appeared to cease: people cease to flow in the Spirit. read more
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