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Monday, July 1, 2013
How to Contend for Revival in Your Region
When John Wesley and friends prayed earnestly for revival in England, God answered their prayers. Find out how you can be part of the next great revival in your nation.  

Flames leapt from the roof of the pastor's home in Epworth, England. Susanna and Samuel Wesley desperately rounded up their children and counted them, but one was missing. Little 5-year-old John was still in the burning house. Susanna broke into a loud sob. She had already lost 10 of her 19 children before they reached the age of 2, and she couldn't bear to lose her beloved little John.

Just then a neighbor spotted the child, as the boy looked helplessly out the upstairs window. The house was about to burst into uncontrollable flames; but acting quickly, the neighbors made a chain, climbing on each other's shoulders. Finally, the top man was able to reach out and gather the boy into his arms. Immediately, even as they lowered little John to safety, the whole house exploded into flames, shooting sparks into the midnight sky.

For the rest of his life, John Wesley referred to himself as "a brand plucked from the fire" (Zech. 3:2). Because of this near-death experience, he always believed that God had a special calling on his life-a destiny he must fulfill.

Inspired by Jonathan Edwards' description of revival at Northampton just before America's First Great Awakening, Wesley began to pray that God would bring revival to England as well. He began joining with his friends and praying earnestly for revival. read more
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4 Tests to Determine if a Desire Is From God

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You Were Born for More
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You Were Born for More
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