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Monday, February 11, 2013
God’s Love Message Is the Sweetest Gift of All
“What are you thinking?” I asked my husband, Terry, who was staring at the lineup of 15 throwaway cameras that graced our kitchen counter.

“Valentine’s Day,” Terry answered. 

You’re not married for 26 years without getting a glimmer of your spouse’s next thought. So I revealed it to him: “I know—you were going to find a photo of us from these and frame it!”

“Right; how did you know?” Then Terry added with an ornery smile, “What you didn’t know is that I bought a special frame to hold it. It says, ‘BE MINE!'”

We surveyed the cavalcade of cameras and tried to guess what special moments were on each one. In all these pictures there were probably 10 good photos of us smiling as a couple but 1,001cute cat photos! (Did I tell you we have two spoiled cats, Sammy and Barnie, who are naturals on camera?) Terry and I began to wonder which of the 15 cameras contained that one good photo of us. 

Resigned to having to get all the cameras developed to find those few good—or any—shots of us, we tiredly concluded, “Well, the Lord knows where they are!” 

Yes, the Lord had been with us in those smiley, camera-ready moments and even in the not-so-ready-for-camera moments: like the day when we cried in private after the doctor in public told Terry that he had a heart condition; or months later when the same doctor announced in his office that there was no more heart condition, and Terry and I jumped up and down after they all left the room; read more
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