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Monday, November 12, 2012


By Ed Stetzer

I just can’t seem to forgive God is a common phrase I’ve heard in ministry over the years. Whether experiencing personal grief or physical suffering, we all have a propensity to blame God for circumstances beyond our control—and as such find it hard to “forgive” Him. I’ve experienced it in my own life.

I will always remember the way my sister Betty died. She was barely an adult when she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. We, as a family, travailed the challenge of watching her as a 12- year-old suffer from a rare form of skin cancer. The chemotherapy, the disfiguring surgery and all the accompanying challenges were realities in our everyday lives.

She got better for nine years, but then she died, and I struggled with the question, Why?

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Adapted from the forward written by Ed Stetzer in R.T. Kendall’s book, Totally Forgiving God When it Seems He Has Betrayed You, copyright 2012, published by Charisma House. We live in a world filled with injustice and evil, and there is nobody on the planet who has not suffered. God allows it even though He is unlimited in power and knowledge and can stop it. Why? In this life changing book R.T. Kendall tackles this question head on and demonstrates why we need to release God from the blame we put on Him when we feel He has betrayed us, so that we can be free to become all God meant for us to be. To order a copy click on this link:

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This week thank God that no matter what happens, and even when we feel betrayed, perplexed or disappointed, we can be sure that He desires the very best for us and will work all things together for our good if we’re called for His purpose. Ask the Holy Spirit to keep you steadfast in the midst of perpetual changes, challenges and the unknown. Pray for those suffering as a result of storms, earthquakes, floods and loss of loved ones. Ask God what He would have you do to share His love and provide for those in need. Pray that God will continue to pour out His Spirit, produce a great harvest, and expand His kingdom worldwide. Remember those elected to political office; pray for them and thank God that we are still able to select our leaders through our votes. Pray for Israel, the persecuted church, and the healing of our nation. Rom. 8:28; 2 Tim. 1-4

To enrich your prayer life and learn how to strategically pray with power by using appropriate scriptures, we recommend the following sources by Apostle John Eckhardt: "Prayers that Rout Demons," "Prayers that Bring Healing," "Prayers that Release Heaven on Earth," and " Prayers that Break Curses." To order any or all of these click here.

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