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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
So What Do We Do Now With Mark Driscoll?
Mark Driscoll Seattle megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll has thrived on controversy since he began Mars Hill Church in 1996. His tough-guy image, in-your-face style and distressed jeans made him the ultimate Cool Preacher Dude, especially for young men who regularly enjoyed his non-religious gospel on YouTube. Driscoll became an evangelical celebrity, and his congregation—which is reaching one of the most unchurched regions of the country—quickly grew to 14,000 members among 15 locations.

But Driscoll's ministry hit hard times last week when leaders of Acts 29, a church network Driscoll founded, broke ties with him and charged him with "ungodly and disqualifying behavior." Acts 29 leader Matt Chandler said Driscoll doesn't show signs of repentance. As a result, LifeWay Stores, a large network of Christian retail outlets in the country, pulled Driscoll's books from its shelves and website.

What did Driscoll do to trigger this reaction? Critics have been after Driscoll for years. Conservatives dislike the 43-year-old pastor because he uses crude language in the pulpit and he tells his young audiences there's nothing wrong with sex toys, tattoos or masturbation. More liberal critics have denounced his views on women (he believes the American church is "chickified" by women and weak men, especially male worship leaders he considers effeminate).

Other critics were horrified that Driscoll' read more
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