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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
7 Charismatic Characters Who Shouldn't Be on Your Ministry Team
Man pulling hair When the Holy Spirit comes in His fullness, people receive miraculous anointing, remarkable boldness, overflowing joy and irresistible enthusiasm. Yet because we are all bent toward sin and selfishness, many people who experience the Holy Spirit's raw power sometimes also act weird. Their flesh gets in the way, and they misuse the gifts of the Spirit.

I've seen this happen oftentimes during prayer ministry times at a church altar. Because of poor training and a lack of mature leadership, things can get wacky when people come to the front of the auditorium for ministry. If this flakiness isn't immediately corrected, visitors will stop coming and your church will get a bad reputation.

Here are seven people you should never allow to be in a ministry position in your church:

1. Bulldozer Bertha. If this woman decides to pray for you at the altar, put one foot in front of the other, hold onto a chair and brace yourself. She intends to push you to the floor, one way or another. She's been told over and over that it is rude—not to mention dangerous—to push people during prayer. But she claims "the Spirit" turns her into a samurai warrior when the anointing comes on her. Steer clear. Bulldozer Bertha is an accident waiting to happen.

2. Shonda Wanda. I appreciate the gift of speaking in tongues, and there is a time and place for this gift in a church meeting. read more
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