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Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Can Single Guys and Girls Be Just Friends?
Contrary to popular opinion in American society, men and women can be just friends. Last week I was rejoicing with one of my single friends, Roman, because he believes he's found the girl he wants to marry. Naturally I'm excited for him and I hope I can attend his wedding. I want all my single friends to find mates.

But I'm also disturbed because I know many singles that would like to be married yet have very few close friends of the opposite sex. Something is built into our Christian culture that discourages normal guy/girl friendships. It's as if we're afraid they will hop in bed if they actually talk for an hour and share their hopes, dreams or struggles.

Meanwhile, we pressure guys and girls to marry if they become friends. ("Oooh, Gina, we saw you with Brad yesterday. Is something going on between you two?") Why can't Gina and Brad just encourage each other in their journey with God without turning their relationship into a big deal? Is it possible for Christian guys and girls to build healthy friendships without assuming they are headed to the church altar?

I believe it is absolutely possible. Here are six keys to developing these relationships:

1. View your friends as family. Paul told Timothy he should treat older women as mothers and younger women as sisters (see 1 Tim. 5:2). The same rule applies to girls: You should view your male Christian friends as brothers. Having this pure-hearted attitude makes real friendship possible. If a guy views his female friend as a sister he won' t be lusting after her body; read more
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