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Fire in My Bones
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014
7 Reasons We Don't Make Disciples
Fire in My Bones Five years ago, I had a very scary birthday with a zero in it. I dreaded turning 50 because that number sounded so old! But I chose to accept reality. I also decided I would spend the rest of my life investing in the next generation because I believe discipleship is at the very heart of the gospel.

God began to put young men in my life, and many of them asked me if I would mentor them. I began taking some of them on mission trips. Others began calling me for counsel or coaching. Some needed prayer to overcome habits or addictions. The more I invested in them, the more excited I got about helping other Christians grow in their faith.

Today, mentoring young people is the most fulfilling thing I do. I enjoy preaching to crowds, but if I have to choose between speaking to an audience of a thousand or talking to a small group of spiritually hungry young leaders, I would choose the latter every time. That's because relational discipleship is the lost art of Jesus and the secret of New Testament ministry.

Today I believe the Holy Spirit is drawing the church back to the New Testament model. Leaders as well as churchgoers are weary of the impersonal, performance-based, people-in-the-pews approach. We are tired of the show. We have not been called to entertain an audience-we have been commissioned to train an army.

We all know Jesus spent most of His ministry investing in a small number of followers who then invested in others. So why don't we use that approach? read more
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Megan Fox
Why Sex Sells-Even Among Spirit-Filled Christians

They say sex sells--and it's not just hearsay. Indeed, it seems sex does sell--even among Spirit-filled Christians. The question is, why? Read this article and share your thoughts.

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Prophetic Insight
R. Loren Sandford
Could Ukraine Crisis Stop Worldwide Revival?

Seven years ago, when R. Loren Sandford first visited Ukraine, he prophesied that Ukraine was and is a stealth torpedo in the Lord's arsenal that the enemy of our soul could not see coming.

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