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Wednesday, March 19, 2014
7 Things That Prove God Is Real
Moon and the stars When I was a journalist in my 20s, I needed to verify a fact about atheism. This was before the Internet age, so I phoned the Texas headquarters of American Atheists. Madalyn Murray O'Hair, the mother of modern atheism in this country, answered my call. Apparently she had a very small staff!

Her voice was gruff, and she sounded angry and cynical, even before I identified myself as a Christian. She answered my question and I hung up. Ever since then, I've felt intense sadness for people who deny the existence of God. Explaining her beliefs, O'Hair once said, "There is no God. There's no heaven. There's no hell. There are no angels. When you die, you go in the ground; the worms eat you." What a sad way to view life!

I'm sure Mrs. O'Hair would be upset about the new Christian film God's Not Dead, which opens in theaters this Friday. The film features Kevin Sorbo (who played in the 1990s TV show Hercules) as an atheist college professor who tries to force a Christian student (Shane Harper) to rethink his beliefs. The film releases at a time when atheism is growing in this country.

I was never on the debate team in high school, so I'm not the best guy to take on evolutionist Richard Dawkins or comedian/atheist Bill Maher in a televised argument. Still, my faith in God is certainly not shaken when I hear these guys whining about how stupid or weak Christians are. They have a constitutional right to view life negatively. read more
Malaysia Airlines
Did Nigerian Pastor's Prophecy Predict Malaysian Airliner Disappearance?

African television outlet Emmanuel TV is claiming that its founder, Nigerian pastor T.B. Joshua, prophesied the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in a sermon last year.

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8:00AM EDT 3/17/2014
Prophetic Insight
shaking the dust off your feet
Prophets, Shake the Dust Off Your Feet

Sometimes we have to shake the dust off our feet and even shake out our garments when the word of the Lord is continually rejected in a church. Jennifer LeClaire offers prophetic insight on this serious matter.

Evangelism & Missions
Linda Seiler
Delivered From Transexual Life, AG Missionary Shares God's Love With LGBT Community

An Assemblies of God missionary who was set free from transsexuality recently shared a testimony at a successful outreach event to the LGBT community at the Southern Illinois University campus.

10:00AM EDT 3/18/2014
9:00AM EDT 3/17/2014
Lesbians holding hands
When Two Lesbians Walk Into a Church Looking to Provoke Christians

What would you do if two lesbians walked into your church just to provoke you? That's what happened at Gateway Church in Austin.

9:00AM EDT 3/14/2014
The Other Side of Grief Disturbing Entertainment Can Give Demons 'Permission' to Haunt, Says Pat Robertson
March 2014: The Church at the Crossroads Ulf Ekman Says Prophetic Word Confirmed His Catholic Conversion
Opinion on Israel: I'd Rather Be Righteous Than Cool Make God's Presence Your Everyday Getaway
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