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Wednesday, March 12, 2014
6 Mentors Who Can Help You Grow Spiritually
Men's Bible study God doesn't want us to live in isolation. I realized many years ago that I desperately need people in my life in order to fulfill my purpose. My parents invested in me, and so did teachers, coaches, employers, pastors, role models and good friends. I am not self-made, and neither are you. Any success we have achieved is the result of someone taking time to instruct, encourage or correct us. That's humbling!

Mentorship is a basic biblical principle. The book of Proverbs opens with an exhortation to listen not only to parents but also to the "words of the wise" (Prov. 1:6, NASB). Moses mentored Joshua, Naomi mentored Ruth, and Elijah mentored Elisha. Jesus spent most of His time teaching a small group of disciples. One of those, Peter, discipled his spiritual son, Mark (1 Pet. 5:13), who in turn wrote the Gospel of Mark based on Peter's testimony.

The message of Christ is best transmitted through the process of mentoring. But this art has been lost in today's church-partly because of family breakdown and partly because our celebrity-obsessed culture values self-effort and instant results. Mentoring is too slow for most of us because we prefer the overnight sensation. God's kingdom is built through a tedious process we don't have the patience for.

Yet I believe we can reclaim biblical discipleship. In fact, I'm convinced the church is shifting radically back to God's original plan as we reject the program-driven, impersonal, televangelistic one-man show of the past season. read more
Steve Hill
WATCH: What the Late Evangelist Steve Hill Said About True Revival

As we remember evangelist Steve Hill's legacy, enjoy this video from the 1990s in which he discusses his testimony and his pursuit of revival with Charisma founder Steve Strang.

National Institute of Christian Leadership - Register now at 3 locations
9:00AM EDT 3/12/2014
Steve Hill
Steve Hill, a Good and Faithful Servant

Steve Hill was more than an inspiration to me--he was a general of the faith whom the Lord used to strengthen my stand against anything that would come between God's love and His creation.

Prophetic Insight
Ukraine: The Consequences Go Beyond What We See in the News

"Powerful voices will arise out of Ukraine carrying a fresh stream of the Spirit and of power," R. Loren Sandford says.

9:00AM EDT 3/11/2014
10:00AM EDT 3/11/2014
Spiritual Growth
8 Ways the Blood of Jesus Is Effective

 It is one of the greatest of human tragedies that so many lack knowledge and understanding concerning the importance of Jesus' blood. Here are eight reasons it matters. 

8:00AM EDT 3/12/2014
5 Reasons to Know Someone Different Than You 5 Minutes Inside Eternity
Steve Hill's Death Leaves Enormous Void in Spirit-Filled Church A Tribute to Steve Hill
Bachmann: American Jewish Groups have 'Sold Out Israel' Steve Hill Passes Away After Miraculous Life
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