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Wednesday, November 13, 2013
5 Ways the Prosperity Gospel Is Hurting Africa
Sad African Child I'm not an African, but in 2008 some Nigerian friends gave me a Yoruba name ("Akinwale") because I have been to that country so often. My visits there, along with trips to Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and Egypt, planted a deep love for Africa in my heart. My first grandson's arrival this year from Ethiopia made the connection even stronger. 

I'm often asked to describe how God is moving in Africa today. Since I'm an optimist, I usually tell of the large churches, the passionate praise and the intense spiritual hunger that characterizes African Christianity. But there is also a dark side, and I think it's time we addressed one of the most serious threats to faith on the continent.

I'm talking about the prosperity gospel. Of course, I know a slick version of this message is preached in the United States-and I know we are the ones who exported it overseas. I am not minimizing the damage that prosperity preaching has done in my own country. But I have witnessed how some African Christians are taking this money-focused message to new and even more dangerous extremes. 

Here are five reasons the prosperity message is damaging the continent of Africa today:

1. It is mixed with occultism. Before Christianity came to Nigeria, people visited witch doctors and sacrificed goats or cows to get prosperity. They poured libations on the ground so the gods would hear their prayers. read more
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