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Wednesday, July 24, 2013
6 Steps Out of Your Religious Box
Almost all ministry in the book of Acts occurred outside a church meeting. So why do we hide our message in a building?

Whenever I visit my friend Lewis Lee, a pastor in Baltimore, I end up on the streets. That's because Lewis is never content to keep his congregation cooped up inside their church. Every month he takes them downtown to feed homeless people at a park near Johns Hopkins University. On hot summer days he takes teams to the worst neighborhoods of his city to pray for people, share the gospel and distribute bottles of water.

This should be standard procedure for any church, but it's not the norm. A majority of American churches rarely engage in any form of outreach that takes place outside their buildings-and 95 percent of Christians in this country have never led a person to Christ. Because of fear, apathy or lack of training, we are content to live in an isolated religious universe. Then we trick ourselves into believing we can transform our communities by singing, praying and preaching to the choir.

Yet when I read the book of Acts, I'm struck by the fact that in the earliest days of the New Testament church, almost all ministry took place outside of Christian meetings. The gospel was always shared outside the box. Of course, the first disciples met together for encouragement, teaching and fellowship, but their primary focus was always outward. Shouldn't the book of Acts be our pattern? read more
The Plumb Line
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6 Steps to Break the Power of Satan's Lies

Betty Robison, co-host of the Life Today TV show with her husband, shares the keys God gave her that set her free to flow in ministry.

Lack of Fire: The True Crisis in the Contemporary Charismatic Church

We have gotten so far away from the real power of Pentecost that many of our people don't even speak in tongues--or if they once did, they hardly do anymore. What has happened to the modern charismatic church?

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Prophetic Insight
Interpreting Your Prophetic Revelation

Before you can interpret your dreams and visions properly or intercede effectively from the posture of revelation, you must understand the language of that revelation. James Goll explains.

9:14AM EDT 7/23/2013
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