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Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Five Lessons From the Stupidest Man in the Bible
If you want to be a good husband and father, avoid this guy's bad example.

Who is the most brainless man in the Bible? We could make a long list of losers: Adam, Cain, Esau, Pharaoh, Saul, Ahab, Judas or Simon the Sorcerer. I love the fact that people's mistakes aren't whitewashed in the Scriptures. Even the holiest guys blew it (Peter comes to mind), but fortunately many of them found forgiveness and a second chance. That gives me hope every time I make a dumb mistake.

But there's one guy who's stupidity puts him in a class by himself-partly because he never even realized how spiritually clueless he was. When I was speaking to a group of leaders last week in Puerto Rico, I used Nabal as an example of how men shouldn't act. 

If we want to be good husbands and fathers, and if we want to disciple other men to do the same, we should take a cue from this Old Testament geezer whose name literally means "fool." Here are five reasons I put Nabal in the "stupid" category:

Nabal didn't honor God. Nabal was an entrepreneur, and he built a prosperous business in sheep and goats. But the Bible says he was "harsh and evil in his dealings" (1 Sam. 25:3, NASB). He was the kind of guy no one really wants to be around: pompous, corrupt and selfish. When David came seeking food for his warriors, Nabal refused to help. He didn't care about God's kingdom because he was focused totally on building his own. read more
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