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Wednesday, February 6, 2013
The Secret of Becoming a Prophetic Preacher
What we need in today’s pulpits is less glitz and polish and more gut-level honesty.

Ever since God called me to preach, I’ve battled with deep insecurity about my delivery style. I can’t electrify a crowd like T.D. Jakes, pack an arena like Reinhard Bonnke or get audiences to turn sermons into trending topics on Twitter like Craig Groeschel or Steven Furtick. Those guys hit home runs when they preach. I get base hits—or strikes.

For years I felt like the reluctant Moses, who complained to God by saying, “Please, Lord, I have never been eloquent” (Ex. 4:10). For years the Lord kept pushing me out of my comfort zone, urging me to surrender my fears so that I would take the microphone willingly. Once He told me: “I didn’t call you to be T.D. Jakes. I called you to be you.”

On many occasions after speaking in a church or conference, I would sulk. I battled constant discouragement and wondered if my words had hit the mark. Did I preach OK? Did the message sink in? Finally I asked an older pastor if he had ever struggled with disappointment in his pulpit performance. He smiled and told me: “Son, I feel that way every Monday of my life.”

I’m learning an uncomfortable secret about preaching: Those who dare to allow God to speak through them will always squirm in holy agony. Preaching the gospel is both a glorious and a horrifying responsibility. read more
Sex Symbols Who Speak in Tongues?
I was at the grocery store the other day when I was unexpectedly confronted with an adult-oriented magazine located right next to the vitamin section.
11:25AM EST 2/4/2013
The Strang Report
The Real Church Crisis
Do you sense a depression in the body of Christ in America, as if something is badly wrong? We’re losing influence within our culture as the anti-Christian sentiment grows, yet you’d never know it in most churches—the smoke, lights, loud music and preaching rolls on as if all is well.
Prophetic Insight
Are We Making Superheroes Out of Modern Prophets?
Recently I attended a large meeting led by two of the most well known leaders in the current renewal movement. Good men!
9:30AM EST 2/1/2013
10:00AM EST 2/5/2013
Church & Ministry
Give Your Pastor Grace!
In any city on this globe, a young man finds his way to an altar, committing his life to Christ. His genuine salvation develops into a deep heart desire to become a servant to both God and humanity.
4:00PM EST 2/1/2013
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Sex Symbols Who Speak in Tongues?
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Abortion Pill Mandate 'Exceptions' Leave Seniors in the Cold
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Hagel Record on Israel: ‘Cause for Concern’
Kerry Likely to Move Cautiously on Middle East Peace
Giffords Seeks 'Bold' Action As Congress Takes Up Gun Control
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