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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Who Said White Men Can’t Dance?
It’s past time for us to get rid of our racial stereotypes.

I was not invited to any of the Inaugural parties in Washington last weekend, but I happened to bein the city for a conference in the D.C. suburbs. The pastor hosting me, Paul Carrette, is from theCaribbean island of Dominica. He has church members from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Jamaica,St. Vincent and other countries, plus many African-Americans and a few Caucasians from theU.S. and England.

I expected the worship at Church of Living Waters to be lively since the praise leader is aNigerian. There was plenty of rhythm. The band included a drummer and a bongo player—plus aguitarist and several talented singers. But when we shifted into the third song, it seemed like thecongregation was holding back. Only one man, an older deacon, was dancing on the front row.

I wondered: Were the people tired from our weekend conference? Was this just a case of theSunday morning doldrums? Or had the sophistication of this powerful city dampened the people’sexuberance?

I could tell Pastor Paul was slightly frustrated because no one was getting out in the aisles. Hehad already announced that the Lord was going to bring great freedom during the worship time.We both knew God wanted lavish praise. At that point I stepped to the microphone.

I told the people that I had just returned from Nigeria, where Christians are known for theiruninhibited worship. read more
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