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Friday, August 15, 2014
Did Robin Williams Know Jesus Christ?
Robin Williams

While his mother was a Christian Scientist, his father was an Episcopalian. But where did the comic genius stand on faith?

Vicky Beeching
Christian Rock Star: 'I'm Gay. God Loves Me Just the Way I Am'

Vicky Beeching is not only confessing her homosexuality, she's working to bring change in the church.

2:00PM EDT 8/14/2014
Mark Driscoll
So What Do We Do Now With Mark Driscoll?

The pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle has been accused of spiritual abuse. How do we respond?

Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin Reveals the Biggest Sin He Struggles With

Christian NBA player Jeremy Lin recently opened up about his sin struggles. His confession may surprise you.

6:00AM EDT 8/14/2014
5:00PM EDT 8/14/2014
Thomas Beatie
Story of Divorce-Seeking 'Pregnant Man' Takes Redefinition of Marriage to Whole New Level

A woman who calls herself Thomas Beatie would rather be a man—and rather not be married to her wife of more than 10 years.

3:00PM EDT 8/14/2014
Prominent Michigan Pastor Repents for Past Support of Gay Marriage Lesbians Bully Bridal Shop Over Gay-Wedding Gowns
How I Received a Breakthrough Anointing in Prayer 8 Ways to Fight That Pesky Cellulite
Following Michael Sam, Another Football Player Comes out as Gay Georgia Town to Atheists: 'Stop Bullying Our Kids'
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